Re-painting Tennis Courts


The majority of tennis courts are colour coated with specially manufactured paint coatings desgned to define the playing areas in a bright and appealing way. The coatings also influence the pace and slip resistance of the surface.

If the coatings are applied incorrectly the performance and durability of the court can suffer, and it is for this reason that the use of specialist and skilled court sprayers with a proven history should always be employed.

As the UK's leading specialists, we offer a range of textured colour sports coatings that will:

  • Enhance Appearance of the court
  • Improve Surface Grip
  • Provide the necessary slip resistance
  • Strengthen and Prolong the life of the surface with a Surface Binder
  • Environmentally safe
  • Comply with standards laid out in the SAPCA Code of Practice

The standard coating for a macadam tennis court is a water-based textured acrylic coating specifically designed for spray application to improve the aesthetics and the playing environment. All paint coatings are applied to meet the grip standards set by the Lawn Tennis Association.

As courts age, the macadam surface wears and frets. A surface binder can be applied beforehand to strengthen and prolong the lifespan of both the surface and the paint coating. It can also be used on new surfaces to minimise the softening effect of elevated temperatures.

Where the court is used intensively for Netball or Multi-Use-games-Areas (MUGA's), a highly textured water-based polyurethane coating is recommended.



The playing area dimensions should always be 78 feet by 36 feet. Singles line markings should be 4' 6" to 4'8" from the outside of the court. The service line should be 18 foot to 18'2" from the baseline. All lines should be 2" wide (50mm) with the exception of baselines which may be upto 4 " (100mm)